2020 Statsswipe Dinger Derby


The purpose of this event is to come together as a community in Milwaukee and the surrounding area to meet new people, hit dingers, and have fun!  We hope that this will be a welcoming experience where we can learn about our fellow community members and likely talk some (A LOT) of baseball.  While I extended an invite to Yelich, he figured it would be better to leave this event to just the amateurs.  So, the show must go on!  Read below for the rules and regulations of the event.

Entry fee: $5

Location: Zirkel Field in McCarty park. 8214 W Cleveland Ave, West Allis, WI 53219

Time: 3 PM Saturday August 1st


You can bring any bat of your choosing.  Must also bring a helmet or we will have some provided.


Due to the fact that we do not have an unlimited number of balls, we are utilizing the old MLB Home Run Derby formal of 10 outs.  If the participant does not hit the ball out, hits it foul, or whiffs (embarrassing), that will count as an out.  Yes, you may take pitches that are not in the zone, but nobody wants to stand around forever, so just swing if its close and everyone will be happy.

This tournament will be double elimination.  This means that if you have a dud of a first round, you will not be out of it!

Now it is clear that not everyone can hit the ball out of the park from home plate.  We will have a couple of divisions but only the group hitting from further back will be eligible for a prize.  The others can hit from close up just for fun.  One group will hit from the outfield grass (blue dot) while the other group will hit from just behind the pitcher’s mound (red dot).  You may be good enough to hit from home plate, but the competition is more fun with more dingers, so why not bring the fences in a bit??  See the diagram below for the illustration. From the further back distance, it is about a 285 ft dinger to straightaway center.  For the closer distance, it is 185 ft.


Pitchers: If you sign up with a friend or family member, they can be your pitcher if you so choose.  If not, we will have pitchers to throw to you.  Just an FYI, the pitchers have pitched at the collegiate level and have experience throwing many many many rounds of batting practice.  There will be an L screen for the protection of our pitchers.

What to do when not hitting: Get your ass in the field and shag balls.  Or, if many people are out there already, we will have other games set up for your enjoyment.


The winner will be the recipient of a gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods.

Snacks & Beverages:

We will have bottled water and popcorn available for purchase.


Please sign up in the link below.  We will collect the $5 cash on the day of the event, or ahead of time via a Venmo transaction.  Venmo and only.  No credit or checks will be accepted.  We will take people the day of the event, but in order to make the bracket, we ask you to sign up ahead of time.


Statsswipe Info:

I hope that you consider participating and that we can all come together as a community in this event! We write articles, produce podcasts, conduct interviews of various athletes and sports-related businesses, and occasionally put on events like these.  Please try listening and follow our podcast “3-2 Whats He Gonna Do” on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Also, visit our website at https://statsswipe.com/ and follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/statsswipe/.

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