Baseball Movie Bracket Results Recap

A few months ago, we had created a bracket of baseball movies for you, our treasured followers, to vote on via our Facebook page.  While there are great baseball movies that were left out, we feel as though we captured many of the top ones.  We will go through the results round by round and comment on each one. First, here is what the bracket looked like.  Excuse my chicken scratch but this was the best way about it without the print becoming too small.

ROUND 1 (ding ding):

The 1 seed Bull Durham took down Trouble with the Curve in a somewhat closer than expected match-up.  While Trouble with the Curve starred two of the most popular actors, Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake, the movie was somewhat of a bust.

Major League knocks The Sandlot out early.  Benny the Jet Rodriguez vs Willie Mays Hayes…now that’s a match-up.

Moneyball beat out Rookie of the Year.  Despite being mainly Brewers voters, Rookie of the Year received some love.  In fact, Henry Rowengardner is probably the most respected Cub in Milwaukee.  I always hoped my arm would break in that way.

42 blew out Pride of the Yankees in classic 5-12 upset.  I mean you kinda need to give Jackie Robinson at least one round.  It is a fantastic account of the challenges he and other African American ballplayers had to face.

A League of Their Own blew out Angels in the Outfield.  This was kind of disappointing seeing Angels in the Outfield go out right away but Tom Hanks and Madonna sent them packing and told them that “There’s no crying in baseball”.

In a 10-7 upset, Bad News Bears beat out The Natural.  Both are classics but I guess Bad News Bears keeps the narrative going!

Field of Dreams smoked Mr. 3000 though Mr 3000 saw some support from the Milwaukee voters due to the Brewers representation in the movie.  Other that that though it is not a good movie and Field of Dreams would otherwise shut them out if Mr. 3000 were a Marlin instead of a Brewer.

With the 11-6 upset, The  Rookie beat out 8 Men Out.  The Rookie is a great baseball movie and gives hope to all of us who did not make it to the Bigs the traditional way.  Meanwhile 8 Men Out bet on themselves to make it out of this first round but couldn’t quite do it.  Side note, Shoeless Joe Jackson deserves to be in the Hall.

ROUND 2 (ding ding):

Major League completely blows out Bull Durham to continue its Cinderella run.  Wild Thing you make my heart sing and you continue to dance.

Moneyball narrowly escapes 42.  This was a close call for Moneyball but the advanced metrics say they should move on.  “Yale…economics…baseball. Your funny Pete.”

A League of Their Own easily beats Bad News Bears.  No real surprise here.  A team of girls will beat a team of 10 year old scrubs.  They’ll learn that there is not always a participation trophy.

Field of Dreams blows out the Rookie to advance.  If Moonlight Graham faced Jim Morris…Hmmm…

ROUND 3 (ding ding):

Major League blows out Moneyball in the Semis.  I feel this was uncalled for.  I love Major League, but I expected a closer vote against a work of art that is Moneyball.  I bet if the A’s won the 2002 World Series leaving the movie with a happy ending that Moneyball would advance.  The Indians won in Major League, and they continue to advance here.

In a somewhat close match Field of Dreams beat A League of Their Own to advance to the finals.  Both classics with great story lines. Ultimately how can you not go with Field of Dreams here.  “If you build it they will come”.

CHAMPIONSHIP (ding ding ding):

Major League continued their dominance to the end winning 63% to 37% over Field of Dreams.  These movies could not be any more different however both bring tears to my eyes.  One in laughter and one in just being romantic about baseball.


A side note about this bracket.  This was voted on by mostly the 3 big Brewers fan groups on Facebook.  Thus, the fact Major League was filmed at County Stadium and featured Bob Uecker may have been a bit of a biased vote.  Nonetheless, it shows that Major League is the favorite baseball movie among Brewers fans.  I hope you enjoyed participating and hope to see even more on the coming brackets.  Like our page and share with all your friends!


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