Bonds and Clemens WILL be HOFers

With Hall of Fame voting comes the controversy as to whether or not to grant Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens along with other steroid users into the Hall.  There are those who say no, don’t allow all steroid users.  Just Bonds and Clemens.  Well that blurs the line on steroid users if you make an exception for just the two best.  Then Sosa should get in.  Then McGuire should get in.  The list goes on and on.  And while most traditionalist are dead set against ALL steroid users in the Hall of Fame, we can slowly see an increase in support for Bonds and Clemens.

Every year since 2014 support has slowing increased.  What is odd is that Clemens has consistently showed one or two votes more than Bonds.  Bonds was clearly the better player.  You would think the votes would be for both, neither, or at the very least Bonds and not Clemens.  Racist voter?? Anyway, Over the past handful of years usually when players make it past the 50% vote they will eventually make it in whether it be by writer’s votes or Veteran Committee.  Here is a striking screenshot from the 2015 results:

We can address the other obvious fact that Curt Schilling is not garnering as much support as he should.  He did not use steroids, but his personal character is clearly playing a factor.  He was an all time great pitcher who, yes while he may not be the greatest person, should be recognized for a great career by being in the HOF.

Now will Bonds and Clemens get in.  I believe they will eventually.  Its only a matter of time.  Jeff Passan wrote an article that you can find on ESPN where he asked the voters who did not vote for Clemens and Bonds if they would ever change their mind.  Only 3 of the 18 he was able to contact said possibly.  That would never be enough support to get in.  I feel that the Veterans Committee will get them in if the writers do not.

The year 2022 will be an interesting year.  That will mark their last chance to be voted in.  Even next year will provide a narrative since Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz will be up for vote.  What is sad is that both Clemens and Bonds would have been Hall of Fame players without using steroids.  I still feel that both put up such elite numbers for such a long time that it is hard to keep them out.  Bonds’ entire approach to hitting was far and away better than anyone had ever seen which makes him an even more compelling vote.  It is just a waiting game now.  It will happen.

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