Brewer Trades that Could Be Accepted Today

Credit: New York Post

We all love to play GM.  It can be most noticeable on the multitude of fan groups on social media.  Fans have hot takes all the time on trades and it often starts a full thread of controversy and argument.  Just about a week ago a new site launched that allows fans to create trades for their favorite teams.  The methodology is as sound as it gets when it comes to online trade calculators.  The creator of the site, John Bitzer was on the Effectively Wild Podcast the other day to explain everything about the new tool.  You can listen to that podcast here.  As the Brewers are in desperate need for some starting pitching help, I started playing around and found some intriguing moves that the tool says would be accepted.

Madison Bumgarner:

The Giants have been searching for outfielders and in this trade, they would get some top notch potential.  While Corey Ray has had his ups and (mostly) downs, he still holds a ton of value.  The Brewers would also throw in Micah Bello who is an 18-year-old out of Hawaii.  Last season in Rookie ball, he hit .240/.324/.325 with 10 stolen bases in 39 games played.  While Bumgarner has not been performing to the level he normally performs, he would add an experienced arm to a rotation that is in need of a veteran leader.  He is one of the best post-season pitchers of all time and would be valuable to simply have in the rotation as a mentor.  Given the question mark that Ray is, it is worth a shot with Bumgarner.

Matt Boyd:

In this trade, the Brewers would hold onto Cory Ray, but give up another highly touted outfield prospect in Tristen Lutz.  Lutz is in High A ball and is hitting .244/.332/.406 in 304 plate appearances.  He possesses a plus arm in the outfield and also has plus plus raw power.  Brice Turang is a speedy middle infield prospect currently in Single-A.  With the likes of Arcia and Dubon, Turang would likely be an available trade chip.  Boyd is having a great year in Detroit and would be the top of the rotation ace the Brewers need.  He currently has a 3.72 ERA and striking out 11.42 per 9 innings.  He will be going into his 2nd arbitration year in 2020 and could likely be retained for more years.  At just 28 years old he is someone the Brewers could ride through these years of competitive baseball.

Marcus Stroman:

In this trade, the Brewers would give up Ray along with Jesus Aguilar.  While struggling this year, Aguilar is still valued pretty high.  His first year of arbitration is 2020, and if the Jays believe he could turn his performance around and hit more like he did last season, he is going to be reasonably cheap.  The Brewers, in return, would get Justin Smoak who would be a proven power bat in that lineup playing in a hitter-friendly Miller Park.  Stroman would head the rotation and has experience with post-season pitching.  With a 3.18 ERA, he is among the best in baseball at keeping the ball in the park and inducing ground balls.  He would fit in the rotation and immediately make an impact going into the post-season.

These are just 3 possible options for the Brewers.  If you want to play along at home, the link to the Trade Simulator can be found on the site/references page on Statsswipe.  What do you think of those trades? What trades can you come up with?  Share your favorites to the statsswipe Facebook page.

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