The Brewers Did Some Pretty Neat Things. Here They Are.


Trent Grisham let the ball get by him in right field, and just like that the Brewers’ season was over.  While people spread the blame between Hader and Grisham, fans should be thankful just to see the Brewers in the playoffs.  The last game was heart-breaking no doubt, but let’s admit, the roller coaster of a season ended up being pretty fun.  All season long, the Brewers looked destined for disappointment.  As Frankie Ballard sings:

“There’s been highs and lows,
Fast lane freeways and bumpy roads
Cursed the devil and prayed to heaven,
Lost it all when we rolled some sevens
Been more smiles than there’s been tears,
Been more good than bad years
Ain’t it crazy, baby, how we got here.
Oh, it all started with a beer
Oh, it all started with an ice cold beer”

While this relates to a relationship, this is also true of this season for the Milwaukee Brewers.  We all came out on Opening Day, March 28th of 2019, and had some cold ones to begin the season the Milwaukee way.  Anyway, before I begin to shed a tear, here are some of the outstanding performances of the season to re-cap.  Enjoy!

Best offensive performance:

Aug. 17th, Christian Yelich, 5-6, 1BB, 2HR, 4RBI

Yelich had one helluva night against Washington.  In a late August game where winning is critical, especially against another team in the playoff race, Yelich came through in a big way.  He contributed a .630 Win Probability Added, which is not even the highest of a Brewer in the season (we will get to that later).  This was a HUGE night offensively for Yelich and is the offensive performance of the season for the Brewers.


Web Gem of the Year:

While Lo-Cain struggled offensively this season, he was a thief out in center field robbing home runs all season long.  Cain was 3rd in the MLB in Outs Above Average.  While he was robbing dingers, he only ended up making one 5-star catch all season, and it was not a home run robbery.  Here it is:

This ball ended up having a 25% catch probability in which Cain covered 79 feet in just 4.3 seconds.

Most Clutch Performance:

Sept. 15th, Ryan Braun

Braun comes up in the top of the 9th, bases loaded, 2 outs, down by 1 run against the Cardinals and hits a grand slam.  This play ends up being the most clutch in all of MLB for the season in terms of championship probability added.  The Brewers were just a couple of games back of the Wild Card and also fighting for a possible division against the division-rival Cardinals.  This play ended up propelling the Brewers into Wild Card position.  When the team needed a win most, Ryan Braun came through.

Step-Up Player of the Year: Jordan Lyles

Both trade deadline acquisitions were up for consideration in this category as Drew Pomeranz was transformed into a lockdown pitcher in the back end of the bullpen down the stretch.  Jordan Lyles, however, became a starter that the Brewers could depend on a depleted starting rotation. While his season 4.15 ERA doesn’t scream ace pitcher, he acted as one for the Brewers.  While in Pittsburgh, he started the season strong, then took a dive posting a 9.57 ERA in the 9 games leading up to the trade.  The Brewers had to have been crazy trading for a guy with those numbers?!?!  His last start for the Pirates on July 27th was a 1.2 IP 8 earned runs start!! Since the trade to the Brewers, however, he went 7-1 with a 2.45 ERA in 11 games started.  He was a big reason the Brewers ended up in the Wild Card game.

Hardest Hit Ball Of the Year:

Christian Yelich – 117.9 mph

Longest Hit Ball Of the Year:

Travis Shaw – 465 ft

Sprint Speed Leader:

Trent Grisham – 29.1 ft/sec

Overcoming Odds Team of the Year:


This team on September 5th, with less than a month left in the regular season, had a 5.6% chance of making the playoffs.  In just 20 days they were at 100%.  The season is not over until it’s over.  Till next season, go Crew.

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