Celtics/Bucks Series Thoughts from a Sad Celtics Fan

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By: Nick Galle

Its been a tough week. A really tough week.

I’m a Celtics fan, I had a week of finals, and I had to move what seemed like thousands of pounds of stuff into a storage unit as my first year of college comes to an end.

There’s an end to every story, especially the one about my Boston Celtics.

I’m a Massachusetts kid at heart. Born and raised. Nothing will ever change that. Sure, Milwaukee is cool. The sports are cool. The Bucks? Yeah, they are good. The Brewers? Also, pretty good. The Packers? I’m not a coach, but I think they might need some work. I visited Milwaukee for the first time in my life last April for a tour at Marquette. A year later, and I’m finishing my freshman year out here with a GPA worthy of getting posted on the refrigerator at home. Mom and dad are pretty happy I would hope.

So here we are. My first year in Milwaukee. Back in October, I was praying for a Brewers/Red Sox World Series, but unfortunately, I didn’t get that. Forgive me, but I have to blame you guys for that one.

With that being said, late-April comes around and the Bucks and Celtics are squaring off in the second round of the playoffs.

What are the chances?

Now let me tell you, I talk more smack than anybody in this entire state. I guarantee it. After all, I am what you people like to call a “Masshole”. I’m arrogant, I’m obnoxious, and I know I’m going to strike a nerve with the people of Milwaukee. My Celtics are coming into this city as the underdog, and I’m going to make sure people know I’m here to support them.

I immediately purchase my tickets for Game 2. I was unable to make Game 1 because after all, my parents did pay a pretty penny for me to come out to Wisconsin and get a degree, so I actually had to do some schoolwork. So, Game 2 it was.

The Celtics walk into the Fiserv Forum and absolutely trounce the Bucks. It was gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I felt like I owned part of this city. People were starting to hate me after my social media posts and obnoxious tweets. I was thriving. I was in living the Masshole dream. I was fully confident that Boston would walk into the Fiserv for Game 2 and do it again right in front of my eyes.

Boy was I wrong.

The Celtics got pounded. I was devastated. There goes $400 down the drain, but hey, it’s the memories you make in college that stick with you right? Yeah, let’s go with that.

I was still confident though. My boys stole one in Milwaukee. We took homecourt advantage, Giannis wasn’t completely owning us, and we were headed back to Boston tied at one.

Little did I know, heading back to Boston would literally be a death wish, put a damper on the entire season, and make Nick Galle the laughingstock of the greater Milwaukee area after a premature tweet that followed Game 1. Again, the memories are the most important part of college.

So, being the fan that I am, I went and dropped another $300 on tickets for Game 5. This series can’t be over in just five games, right? Impossible.

Wrong again Nick, wrong again.

As we all know, the Celtics would have been just as good if they didn’t show up. Game over. Series over. Mom and dad, please come pick me up from school, Milwaukee just ruined my year.

So why give you the narrative about who I am and how this series made me feel? Because the Bucks are good. They are really good. Like, really good, and I’m wicked mad about it.

For those Milwaukee fans that stuck through the Boston talk, now it’s my time to praise you. Your team is good. I hate to say it. Feels gross to type these words honestly. But I must give credit where credit is due.

Khris Middleton is an unbelievable offensive playmaker. Eric Bledsoe is an aggressor when his head is in the correct place. Guys like Nikola Mirotic, George Hill, and Massachusetts native Pat Connaughton (the best shooter this city has ever seen) can provide quality minutes off the bench in times of need. Brook Lopez has improved his outside game and been a key contributor for you guys. And Giannis? I don’t even want to talk about that dude. I’ll say he’s good and leave it at that. You people know he is amazing, he doesn’t need praise from a 19-year-old from Boston.

So, great series Milwaukee. You earned it. Again, I am absolutely ruined for the next two months, but you earned it. Best of luck in the Eastern Conference Finals.

I know my next three years at Marquette are going to be a blast with this Celtics-Bucks rivalry in full swing. I’m not giving up on the boys from Beantown anytime soon. I’ll still be arrogant, obnoxious and rep my town until the day I die as a true Masshole would. And yes, I’m still going to be at every Celtics-Bucks game in this city. Feel free to say hi, spit at me, cuss me out, whatever you got to do to make sure this rivalry keeps up.

Because at the end of the day, college is all about the memories you make. So I’m going to make sure I make them.

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