Fantasy Football Rd 2

In the previous article I took a look at some players I like and do not like in the first round of 10 team PPR.  In this article I will go over who I feel you should target and avoid in a typical 2nd round.

Player I Like:

Melvin Gordon:

He is worth getting in the 2nd round if you nail down a top receiver in the 1st round.  Gordon will get a large workload and he is entering into his prime years.  He see a large load of goal line carries and targets.  He received at least 7 targets in half of the games he played with at least 1 of those targets each week in the redzone.  In addition, the Chargers upgraded their offensive line by signing Okung to a 4 year deal. With an improved line and a large workload, he is definately worth the 2nd round draft pick.

Ezekiel Elliot:

I know what your thinking. Why would you draft a guy who is out for the first 6 weeks in the 2nd round? Zeke has shown last season that he is a top running back especially behind the best offensive line in football.  If you can manage to go 3-3 in the first 6 weeks of the season, adding Zeke would make your team a top contender.  The catch is that you need to draft McFadden and Morris.  They wont put up the numbers Zeke would put up, but whichever one gets the bulk of the playing time (looking more like McFadden) will be a top 10 fantasy play.  Over the course of 6 weeks your really not losing all that much.  Zeke will get the carries, the receptions, and the touchdowns worthy to be a 2nd round pick.  Draft him with confidence.

Jay Ajayi:

Miami is a run first offense and they have an average offensive line.  He will be 24 years old entering his prime years.  He received a large workload last season especially against division opponents.  He rarely received 3rd down carries, only receiving carries on 3rd down 15 times all season.  If Cutler at QB is scaring you, just remember Forte’s prime seasons with Cutler.  Pretty solid production.

Players I Don’t Like:

Rob Gronkowski:

Pretty much an injury risk.  He only played 6 games last season, and reinjury is always a risk with him.  He is a guy you draft only if the value is good.  If he drops to the 3rd round grab him, but otherwise he is too much of an injury risk to draft in the 2nd round.

T.Y Hilton:

He is not a receiver to depend on in the red zone.  He was targeted 2 times only 6 games last season.  He ranked 24th among wide receivers in red zone targets.  His targets in total had a downward trend throughout last season.  He received more attention from the defense and received less targets.  He saw 84 targets in the first 7 weeks and 79 in the last 9 games.  The Colts had the 2nd most completions of 25+ yards and T.Y. was reason for that.  He is a great deep ball threat, but he is not worth a 2nd round pick

Other Players I Like:

Jordan Howard

Doug Baldwin (ranked as a 3rd round pick but would reach for him as a late 2nd round)

Other Players I Don’t Like:

Any QB: You can find better values in later rounds.

Leonard Fournette: Lacks receiving ability and Jags haven’t had a good run game since MJD.

Michael Thomas: Brees spreads the ball around too much.  Cant be a top PPR player for a 2nd round pick



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