Fantasy Football Round 3

We continue forward with a look at round 3 of a 10 team PPR league.  I encourage you to read the analysis on rounds 1 and 2 that were posted previously.  I recommend taking a top wide receiver in the first round or for sure the second round.  In fact, it would not be terrible to draft two stud wide receivers in the first two rounds especially if your drafting 10 and 11, or 9 and 12 in a snake draft.  Round 3 and 4 is then the round where you could take your first running back, and there are plenty of good options out there.

Round 3 Likes:

Amari Cooper:

He has eclipsed 1000 yards each of his first two seasons.  Clearly he is one of Carr’s top targets along with Michael Crabtree.  Cooper may not have had the touchdown numbers over the past two seasons, but he will have 9+ touchdowns this season.  Crabtree set a career high in touchdowns and red zone targets which will regress back to normal this season.  In an offense that looks to impress again this season, Amari Cooper will benefit most.

Brandon Cooks:

If Cooks was a top wide receiver with Drew Brees, I don’t think Brady will be a downgrade.  Cooks will be the main deep threat and also will look to have the majority of end zone targets behind Gronkowski.  Although he is not Randy Moss, Cooks is the first big talented wide receiver like Moss.  When Brady had Moss to throw to, Moss put up almost 1500 yards and over 20 touchdowns.  Cooks’ ceiling is not quite that high, but it is definitely reasonable to think he could eclipse 1100 yards and 12 touchdowns.  As a 3rd round pick, that would be called a steal.

Round 3 Dislikes:

Leonard Fournette:

Fournette has great talent as he was the talk of college football for most of the past couple seasons. He is a big guy who could have success running the ball, but he is not the greatest receiver or blocker so could see decreased playing time.  People thought that TJ Yeldon would be the next great Jacksonville RB but that didn’t work out.  2013 was the last time Jacksonville ranked in the top 15 in rushing and that was with Maurice Jones Drew.

Lamar Miller:

Had a large workload last season and averaged only 4 YPC.   He is not a receiving back, and D’Onta Foreman will likely see carries as well.  Without a capable quarterback again, teams will be able to stack the box and defend against the run.

Other Players I Like: 

Todd Gurley

Terrel Pryor Jr.

Other Players I Don’t Like:

Demaryius Thomas

DeAndre Hopkins

Marshawn Lynch (Raiders could put a carries cap on him plus he took time away from football)

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