Going Deep with Cleveland

It may not be a surprise that one of the remaining win-less teams is the Cleveland Browns.  They have been the joke of the NFL for the past half decade and while they continue to search for a long term quarterback they may have something with Kizer.  Cleveland is doing something this season that people may not be realizing.  They throw the deep ball… ALOT.  Here is the rankings of deep passes in the NFL: 

We see that the Browns lead the NFL in deep pass attempts by a whole 7 pass attempts from the Patriots who are the next best.  Now they are not the most efficient as they only have 19 completions in those deep plays while having 4 interceptions.  But might there be something with throwing deep and having a good total offense?  Here is a plot of how teams that ranked 1st and 2nd in deep pass attempts ranked in total offense in terms of total yards from 2008 to 2016:

you can see that besides the 4 points on the top portion of the chart, most of the points are within the top ten. Cleveland is throwing a lot of deep passes in hopes of having a more high powered offense. Hogan is starting as of this week, but Kizer should be.  He has more ability to control a deep threat offense.  With Depodesta working with the Browns good things are on the horizon.  As a bold prediction they will be in the playoffs in 2 seasons from now.  The Browns are going deep and it might result in a deep run one of these up coming seasons.

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