Hauser Brothers to Transfer from Marquette

Written by: Nicholas Galle

MILWAUKEE, WI – Sam and Joey Hauser announced they were transferring from Marquette this past Monday through social media posts on both Instagram and Twitter.

The announcement comes shortly after point guard Markus Howard released a statement saying that he would return to Marquette for his senior season.


The brothers played an important role for the team this past season. Sam averaged 15.1 points and 7.2 rebounds, while Joey averaged 9.8 points and 5.2 rebounds. The loss of both Hauser brothers now leaves the Golden Eagles with a couple of holes in the roster for the upcoming season.


There have been numerous rumors as to why both brothers have left, some stronger than others, but we don’t know for certain why the Hausers are deciding to transfer.

One of the stronger rumors is that there was turmoil between the Hausers and head coach Steve Wojciechowski.

Credit: OnMilwaukee

Without going into my opinion if Wojciechowski should be relieved of his coaching duties or not, let me just say that this rumor does make a lot of sense. Obviously, there is a lot of talent between both brothers and I would not be surprised if they felt as if they could get more opportunities playing elsewhere.

Marquette is Markus Howard’s team and with his announcement to return for next season, nothing is going to change. Joey will be entering his sophomore season and Sam will be entering his senior season. It is likely that Joey will want to see more playing time and try to further develop his skills. With Howard carrying the majority of the offense, Joey might just not get those chances at Marquette. After an embarrassing first-round exit during the NCAA Tournament, I’m sure that Sam wants to be somewhere that will look to make a deep tournament run for his final year of college basketball.

I feel as if this decision to transfer was mainly spearheaded by Joey, as he has more basketball left to play than Sam does. I think that Joey was probably the first one to decide to transfer, and then Sam followed in his footsteps. It simply would not make sense for one brother to transfer while the other stayed at Marquette. Both tweets from both brothers were released at exactly 12:29 PM CT on Twitter.

It is also interesting to note that in both tweets from the brothers, there is no specific mention of the coaching staff. Both Sam and Joey thanked “Everybody involved with the program,” but did not really go in-depth. This could mean absolutely nothing, but at the same time, it could show that there was some internal turmoil occurring between the Hausers and coaches.

Neither Sam nor Joey have announced where they will be transferring for the upcoming season. It is likely that they will head to a bigger basketball school than Marquette, and rumors have been swirling

around that the duo could be headed to the University of Wisconsin – Madison, which would be heartbreaking for Marquette fans.

Wherever the Hauser brothers end up, they will surely succeed and better their program. Best of luck to the Hauser brothers for the remainder of the college basketball careers.

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