These Home Runs Did Not Happen Too Often

Baseball is weird and we all know that.  Things happen that you cannot quite explain.  Heres something weird; pitchers will throw pitches that when thrown the odds of hitting a homerun are pretty slim, yet next thing you know the ball is sailing over the fence.  Yes, a pitcher throws all his pitches with the intention of not giving up a dinger.  Vlad is known to be the best at hitting pitches that have no business in a bat being swung its way just like this scenario:

Sometimes if you just stick the bat out there, good things can happen.  Pitchers will throw “chase” pitches which are meant for the hitter to swing and miss a pitch out of the strike zone.  These pitches, if contact is made at all, usually result in soft contact.  Here is what this zone looks like:

Baseball Savant

We are interested in the yellow zone.  I searched for all home runs hit by Brewers since 2015 where the location was in the chase zones.  Guess how were hit in the past four seasons.


Only twelve home runs have ever been hit out when pitched in that zone. The team has hit 1,031 home runs since 2015.

Here is something else that is crazy about that.  Of those twelve home runs hit, a quarter of them (3) have been hit by Mike Moustakas in 2019.  In 2019 Moose swung outside the strike zone slightly more than average and made contact about average.

These pitches are not easy to hit out of the park since 1) they are not usually swung at and 2) if they are swung at, it is usually a swing and miss or induces weak contact.  Moose had three such home runs in 2019.  The Brewers had twelve total since 2015!  Now the king of this metric is actually Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado who since 2015 has hit nine such home runs.

This does not really mean anything, but it is something interesting and continues to show how weird this game can be. I hope you enjoyed ready and please feel free to drop a comment below and follow us on Facebook!

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