Lo-Cain Vs Christian Yelich Footrace: And the Winner is…

Have you ever wanted to watch the fastest two guys in the league or on a team race each other?  Years ago it was debated as to if Carlos Gomez was the fastest player in the league.  Now we could find out!  The newest Statcast toy is out and it allows you to visually see a race between any players you want.  You can even race up to 4 players.  This season Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich both showed their speed in the outfield and on the bases.  So who would win if they went head to head in a footrace?  Let’s take a look:

Yelich just beats him out.  Cain’s downfall is he is slow at accelerating compared to Yelich.  Someone you may be surprised has speed is Eric Thames. In fact, he has the best acceleration on the entire team but slows down as the distance increases.  He is pretty much the opposite of Cain.  Here is the chart that shows how the 3 compare:

Now lets visually see those 3 in a race:

You can see how Thames slowly loses ground throughout the race.

It is always fun to see great speed in a footrace.  But how about the slowest on the team?! Let’s see how the race between Aguilar and Kratz plays out:

Glad you had time to watch that stunning display of speed.  They are nearly identical, but Statcast lists Kratz as being slightly faster.  Now how about the slowest vs the fastest.  Take a look at Yelich vs Aguilar:

Nice try Aguilar! Yelich barely edged him out.

You all can play with this to race some of the fastest players in the league against each other.  You could also try a major mismatch by putting Mallex Smith or Billy Hamilton against Morales or Aguilar.  There will be a new page on the site called Sites and Tools where you will find the link to this application.


Sources: Statcast Running Splits Leaderboard


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