Manny is a $300 Million Man

News broke today, Tuesday February 19th, 2019 that Manny Machado will be playing for the San Diego Padres for the next decade getting paid $300 million in the process.  This becomes the LARGEST contract in the history of sports.  The Padres, who have had a losing record in 10 of the past 11 seasons, sign the infielder one year after they paid Eric Hosmer $144 million over 8 years and then watched him struggle in 2018.  Here is the projected lineup now with Machado:

2B — Kinsler

3B — Machado

1B — Hosmer

OF — Myers

OF — Margot

OF — Reyes

SS — Urias

C — Hedges

The potential of those top 6 hitters could be as good as any in the NL. Given that Hosmer continues his streak of producing on odd seasons, and Kinsler continuing to drink from the fountain of youth, this team has some potential in the NL West.  For this year they may not be better than the Dodgers or Rockies, but in a couple years they could be a dynasty given the status of their top ranked farm system.  Move Urias over to 2B with Fernando Tatis Jr. at SS and add in McKenzie Gore, Chris Paddack and other pitching prospects into the rotation, and they will be a dangerous team.

Machado is just 26 years old and is signed through age 36/37.  During that time the Diamondbacks and Giants will be rebuilding, the Rockies will have a few more years, and while you can never count the Dodgers out, they are subtracting pieces as well and Kershaw is not getting any younger.  The Padres made a splash and hoping that they can find long term success.  It makes sense that combined with a top farm system that Machado is THE piece to build around.  Machado does have the option to opt out after his 5th year and test the market again in his age 30 season.  By that time, however, the Padres have a great chance at being every year contenders in the West.

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