Statsswipe Food Bracket Results

On the Facebook page, we regularly do brackets where you, the viewers, vote on your preference for a given category.  The posts are shared to all three of the largest Milwaukee Brewer fan groups, thus capturing those who know Miller Park and the foods best.  We have previously done Brewer’s fan favorites, baseball movies, and most recently, Miller Park food favorites.  Here is how it turned out:

Brats took home the crown defeating Pretzel Pit soft pretzels in finals 64% to 36%.  We ran into some controversy in the Elite 8 as we had our first-ever tie between soft pretzels and cheese fries.  The higher seed moves on in that case.  Some surprises include Secret Stadium Sauce defeating Friday’s in the first round and Zaffiros pizza knocking Mac n Cheese out in the first round.  Many comments came in saying that they would rather have neither because of the price.  The purpose here was not to determine the best deal, but rather, if given a free option which would you prefer.  Southeastern Wisconsin residents pride themselves on a rich German heritage making it no surprise that pretzels and brats were the two represented in the finals.  With most of these food items, a beer would no doubt be the beverage of choice.  Thank you to all who participated in the voting and we will be having another bracket out shortly.  Until then, send us your recommendations on a bracket you would like to see!

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