Top 10 List of Simple Pleasures Going To A Baseball Game

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During this time of social distancing and no sports, we are gathering a list of the simple pleasures of going to a baseball game.  These are elements of going to a baseball game that are often overlooked at the moment, but looking back elicit incredible feelings.  So without further ado, here are the top ten simple pleasures of a baseball game.

#10 Smell of Tailgates

Especially at Miller park, the aroma of grills immediately seduces the nasal passage once you enter the parking lot.  Brats, burgers, steak, beans, and whatever on the grill screams summer and automatically gives you a good feeling inside. You are not even in the ballpark yet and already it is hard to ruin the day.

# 9 High Fiving After a Homerun

I love these moments.  Not only are you celebrating with friends and family, but you are turning to other fans and celebrating with them.  At that moment everyone is in community with one another.  Your team is scoring and you are having fun with others enjoying a ball game.  Can’t get much better than that.

#8 First Bite of a Hot Dog

While they are overpriced at stadiums, nothing goes better with a baseball game than a fresh ballpark Frank. Unfortunately, the only time I get to enjoy this simple pleasure is on dollar hotdog day.  Regardless of the price, baseball and hot dogs go hand in hand.

#7 Walking up to the Stadium

The first glimpse of the stadium as you walk up to it is a great one.  They always appear larger than usual each time you walk up to it.  I love the look of walking up to Miller Park and seeing the majestic roof when it is open on a sunny day.

#6  When the home team takes the field

A hype video is played and the public address announcer proudly announces your home team.  As a fan, I enjoy seeing the players run out to their positions and begin throwing the ball around.  The game is 0-0 and possibilities are endless as to how the game will go.  The hype, excitement, and anticipation build to that first pitch.

#5  First Sip of A Crisp Miller Lite (Or any beer)

You get to your seat, have your dog, and then you settle in for the next 9 or more innings.  What’s missing? I cold beer in your hand.  Nothing is more refreshing than drinking a quality pilsner while watching your favorite team.  It will be sad when you will no longer be drinking a Miller Lite in Miller Park.

#4 The smell of Roasted Pecans

There are a lot of foods I would rather be eating at a baseball game than the roasted pecans, but damn those things smell good.  The smell fills the entire concourse and it is a wonder that not everyone who enters that stadium doesn’t consume those nuts at some point during the game.

#3 First sight of the field walking through the tunnel

There is that image of walking through the tunnel from the concourse and seeing the fresh green grass and the field laid out before you.  It is a sight that amazes kids and adults alike.  It seems to never grow old.

#2 The Singing of the National Anthem

While it is sung before every sporting event, the singing of the National Anthem at a baseball game just seems to feel different.  Baseball is America’s Past time and the National Anthem just gives a feeling of American pride.  Since May of 1862, we have been singing the National Anthem at baseball games and it will continue to bring goosebumps to everyone before the start of each game.

Photo Credit: Baseball Essential

#1 Kids

We all were kids at some point and there was a moment where you saw the game for the first time and fell in love.  Seeing a young child at a game and asking questions to his or her dad is one of the best sights as a fellow fan.  They see baseball in its purest form and it is a joy to see a child learn and understand the game.  I do not have a kid, but just seeing fathers and young children at a game makes me shed a tear. It is fun to see them with their glove and looking out at the players on the field dreaming of someday being just like them.  Kids bring so much enjoyment to the game of baseball and sometimes that is overlooked.


I hope you enjoyed this list and feel free to comment the simply pleasures you experience when going to a baseball game!

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