Top 6 Ways to Save Money at Brewer Games

Baseball cannot come soon enough.  While the rest of the players report to Spring Training this week, excitement about going back to Miller Park for a game is only intensifying.  This year is even more exciting given the Brewers chances at a World Series.  The increased success comes with increases costs at the games.  Ticket prices will rise and so will merchandise, parking, and possibly concessions.  Here is a list of a few ways to save money while watching your favorite team!

Park on Wisconsin Ave. 

Parking on Wisconsin Avenue is free as opposed to the $12 (maybe more this season) for general parking.  If you are one who parks in the Molitor Lot, your really only saving maybe a quarter mile.  The blue path shows the route you take.  There is a path to the east of all the houses that lead to the path that you see next to the Molitor parking lot.  The bonus with parking here is that there is no traffic leaving so you won’t be sitting in your car for a half hour during busy games waiting to get out.  Now if you’re wanting to tailgate, this will not work.  But if you are just going for the game this is the easiest way to save $12.  Just don’t park within 4 feet of a driveway otherwise you end up paying $40 for parking via a ticket.

Eat at Fridays:

If you choose to tailgate, do that to save on food money.  But if we continue to go throughout the night on the cheapest possible budget, eat at Fridays.  If you want to go one step further, order off the Kids menu.  You can get 3 chicken tenders and fries for about $8 with the tip included!  If you can keep a straight face and appear to be sincere in wanting a smaller portion of food, they will not deny you.  If you don’t feel like you can do that, even a cheeseburger with fries for $10.99 gets you more food for your dollar compared to the concourse concession stands.

Go to Monday Games:

Monday deals are the best.  If you don’t live too far away you can go to a Monday game for only a $6 ticket to sit in the Terrace Reserve.  Not many people go to Monday games compared to weekend games so you can take that Terrace Reserve ticket to the bleachers where the ushers really don’t care.

Use the Bubbler:

Your from Wisconsin most likely if you’re reading this, so it’s a bubbler, not a water fountain.  And if you’re from out of town, start using the correct term.  If your not looking to pay $8.50 ($8 on the first base line 2nd level) for a beer or $5 for a water, just settle with the bubbler to quench your thirst.  Milwaukee water is very good compared to much of the country.  In addition, there are a handful of bubblers with really cold water.  There is one bubbler in particular with some of the best water in Milwaukee but I cannot give up that secret in this article.


If you want a post-game snack, head to Gilles on Blue Mound Rd. Gilles is Milwaukee’s oldest custard stand and has some incredible Sundaes for a reasonable price.  In addition, for a purchase of over $5


with a valid Brewers ticket for the game you went to, you get a Gille Buck to use on your next visit.  They have great food plus they will give you money back.

Use your Student ID of Friday Games:

If you’re still in school, your all set.  Once you graduate, do not throw that important piece of plastic out!  It gives you access to $10 tickets on Friday night games.  Use it as long as you can and be damn proud of it.  Even if you are in your 40s, there should be no judgment.  There are non-traditional students in this world.  Be proud of your student standing and get your $10 tickets!

When all said and done you can have a fun and cheap experience at Miller Park.  At the cheapest, you can park on Wisconsin Avenue for a Monday game and leave the night spending only $6!  Good luck finding any sports event for less than that while still having an enjoyable time.

Thank you for reading.  If you’re a regular at Miller Park, post your best Miller Park tips in the comments section.



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