The Underrated Yankees Prospect

I know what you’re thinking. Its the day after the World Series so isn’t there better things to write about than a Yankees prospect.  Yes. Yes there is, but I feel there is a need to pay attention to this player.  He is not in MLB’s top 100 prospects, nor is he in the Yankees top 30 prospects.  Among qualified hitters, this player was 3rd in the Eastern League AA in wRC+, 3rd in wOBA, and 1st on OBP.  His name is Mike Ford.  Kind of a forgettable name.  He was one of the top offensive players in AA but has not cracked the top 30 prospects in the Yankees system, and he will likely not see a major league at bat.  Let me give you some more information on Ford.  He walks…ALOT. His walk rate is 18.2% compared to a 13.4 K%.  That is an elite level of walking.  The last time that happened in the Eastern League was in 2013 when Allen Dykstra has a 20% BB%, but even Dykstra struck out over 25% of the time.  See that red dot way up in the upper right hand corner?  That’s Ford.  In addition to out walking everyone by a mile (maybe literally too), he is not striking out.  His BB/K ratio is one of the best in AA over the past couple decades.  He still managed to hit .272 considering his BABIP was .291 which was in the bottom half of the league.  Here is a clip of him in taking BP this past season:

He has a very fluid motion with not many moving parts.  He has a very little leg kick.  It is a simple swing.  The thing with Ford is that he doesn’t posses much power, which in today’s game means a lot especially for a corner infield position. He only hit 13 home runs in 417 PA.   He is a very undervalues prospect in today’s game.  He may not possess power, but he can do just about anything else to get on base.  You may or may not hear his name mentioned ever again, but just come to recognize the greatness that he was this season in AA.

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