It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

As great at Christmas time is, nothing beats being a sports fan in the last week of March and first weeks of April.  We are currently in the best three weeks of sports no matter which you are a fan of.  Last week Thursday and Friday were the least productive days in American offices as hundreds of thousands of people had their computers and phones live streaming the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  But that was just the beginning.

Here is what the current calendar of sports looks like:


While the NFL is missing from the list here, the NFL combine was at the beginning of March and the draft is in late April, so we are right in between those events.  Opening day of baseball is among one of the best days of the year for both the die-hard fans and those who do not really care.  What is it that makes MLB Opening Day so special?  If anything it symbolizes the end of the long, cold, dark winter and gives everyone visions of summer.  With

Gordon Hayward half-court heave attempt to beat Duke in 2010

baseball comes new hope for not just sports teams and their fans, but cities as a whole.  Even a team coming into the season with not much hope for the post-season starts out with the same record as the favorites to win the World Series.  Sometimes crazy seasons happen which is why they play the games.  March Madness heading into the final games offers much excitement whether you have a bracket or not.  In 6 of the past 7 championship games, the final score has been within 8 points.  Over the past 11 championship games, the average margin of victory has been by 8 points.  The week following the NCAA tournament championship brings us the start of the NHL and NBA playoffs.  This is especially a highly anticipated event in Milwaukee given the success the Milwaukee Bucks have had this season in addition to the Predators (connection to Milwaukee Admirals) looking like Stanley Cup contenders.  THEN, within the first week of the NHL and NBA playoffs, the PGA event of the year, The Masters, begins on Thursday, April 12th.  The Masters drew the largest TV audience last year since 2015.  This year all eyes will continue to be on Tiger and his pursuit of his first Masters victory since 2005.  This year, Vegas has Tiger at a 12/1 odds to win the Masters only behind


Dustin Johnson (10/1) and favorite Rory McIlroy (8/1).  While there may be an argument for October being the best time in sports since all 4 major sports are on at the same time, I would have to disagree.  The mood around the beginning of the NHL and NBA season does not compare to the MLB opening day where people are outside tailgating and enjoying the spring weather.  In addition, only MLB is in playoff time whereas, in these weeks, both NBA and NHL are in playoffs.  Despite the lack of NFL, March Madness and the Masters are two of the most popular professional sports events that draw a large amount of attention.  Given all these events in addition to the start of nice weather in the northern states, this is undoubtedly the greatest three weeks of sports of the year.



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